San Juan Sailing Day 2 -Clark Island to Stuart Island

We awoke after a windy, wake-filled night at Clark Island ready to head over to Stuart Island. As part of our provisioning before we left on the trip, we stopped at Starbucks in Anacortes and picked up coffee, a french press and four classic coffee cakes still in their wrapper. For breakfast we had two of the coffee cakes and made use of the french press.
After breakfast, we set sail for Stuart island.  The sail to Stuart Island was uneventful.  Even though the current and wind were in our favor, we were often close enough to an island that our wind was blocked. We would drop from 7 knots speed over ground to 1 or 2 knots and have to turn on the motor. One lesson we learned was that it if we really wanted to sail everywhere and never turn on the motor we would’ve had to plan to travel only short distances each day.
We entered Prevost harbor on Stuart island and grabbed a mooring ball.  Prevost was uncrowded, peaceful and a wonderful place to moor. After all the rolling we’d experienced the night before on Clark Island, Prevost was a calm paradise.
Looking toward the dock at Prevost Harbor:
We ate a quick lunch of Whole Foods sushi and deli meats and put the outboard on the dinghy. The outboard was a honda 4-stroke that was really light and started right up. We motored over to the public dock, tied up the dinghy and walked around Stuart island.
View of Foxy Freda, secure on her mooring ball, from Stuart Island:
Our first stop on the island was Reid Harbor, the other major harbor on Stuart island. It looks just as protected as Prevost harbor. Reid did have floating docks in the middle of the harbor that had picnic tables on them. We thought if we were traveling with more than one boat, the picnic table docks would be better than rafting up at night.
We wanted to walk to the lighthouse that we’d heard about but the roads weren’t marked very well. We ended up walking quite a way towards the lighthouse, but when we realized that there wasn’t a loop (meaning we’d have to walk out the same way we walked in), we decided to turn around and head back to the boat.
Back on the boat we made a dinner of sausage risotto and relaxed in the salon during a few quick rain showers. After the rain, we saw a complete rainbow that both started and ended inside the harbor. This is the best picture we could get of it with our fancy cellphone cameras:
Next part of the journey: Canada!

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